Monthly Archives: December 2009

Do You Think They Care?

Well, that’s because THEY DON’T CARE!

They know what we are going to do when they push us a little too hard (see the six bullets above). Can you say, “predictable?” They know that they can maneuver around enough and then over time the proverbial giant will go back to sleep. This is where we have failed more times than not.

More specifically, our federal elected officials continue to cater to our emotions and buy our vote with promises of dollars for INSERT PORK PROJECT OR ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM HERE. They then tell us it’s going to be ok with them at the helm, you can trust them to take care of the big-boy business in Washington, DC. On top of that, they know we’ll keep bickering over wedge issues which lead to the “our guy is not that bad” or “at least he’s not as bad as the other guy” approaches that simply perpetuate the status quo for fear that we’ll be doomed for eternity!

Let me ask you one last question: We know they’re not adhering to the Constitution, but are they really even representing us?

About 99% (ok, maybe 100%) of the individuals in the current US Congress are either in favor of BIG government or they lack the testicular fortitude to stand up to their party’s aversion to reducing the Federal Government. Hello McFly…This is an enormous problem for We The People!

We all would agree that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It is time to stop being predictable. It’s time that We The People change our tactics.