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Press Release

The show, with the tagline By the Average Citizen, for the Average Citizen, will continue to target the growing audience of ordinary people around the country who continue to wake up and realized that we’ve been asleep at the wheel for far too long.

Mark Kreslins, the senior half of the duo is excited about the opportunity to expand the show, “This additional hour will give us an even better opportunity to focus on the problems emanating from Washington, DC. We must keep the pressure on the ‘Washington DC’vers’ and emphasize that We The People only delegated limited authority to the Federal government!”

Joshua Lyons, the much younger and better looking half of the pair, is enthusiastic about the adding the second hour, “since we began the show in 2009, the one complaint we receive about the show is that it’s only one hour.” Lyons continued, “The listeners demanded more airtime and we’ve responded – even if that means I now have to listen to Mark for another hour every week.”

Tune in to The Forgotten Men radio show on May 7th as Mark and Joshua are joined by featured guests such as: Michael Boldin (Executive Director of The Tenth Amendment Center), Yvonne Donnelly (National Chair of The 9/12 Project), musician and songwriter Jeremy Dodge.

Download the official press release.