Monthly Archives: May 2011

Apparently, We’re All Racists

After being called a racist on twitter by an ignorant hack who had never even listened to The Forgotten Men, I sat back and reflected on a topic that I justifiably give very little thought to: Racism.

Apparently, we’re all racists now.  Yep, if you’re associated with the TEA Party – you’re automatically a racist. If you support cutting extra-constitutional federal funding – you, of course, hate minorities.  If you have white skin and say anything that can be taken out of context related to race or color – you got it, you hate all “non-whites”. If you state that you’re not a racist and even live your life as the opposite of a racist – doesn’t matter because, bingo…you’re a closet racist.

Seriously?!?  All you ignorant hacks out there who resort to ad-hominem attacks and play the race card at the drop of a hat because you have nothing else to bring to the discussion, I have one response for you:  You are irrelevant.

Those of us who want to restore proper limitations on the federal government want to do so regardless of the racial profile of the elected officials in office.  Those of us, who want to restore federalism, want to do so for Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, and Progressives (i.e.  anyone, regardless of political persuasion).  Those of us who want the Rule of Law to apply to every individual do so regardless of a person’s race or where they fall on the economic ladder.

Are there white racists out there involved in some way with the liberty movement? Unfortunately, yes. Do they represent the majority? No, and ridiculously far from it. Their numbers are miniscule in size and similar to the numbers of black racists in the civil-rights movement.  Most people of any race are good people who simply want the best for their posterity as well as the posterity of others. However in the culture that we live, the few nuts and outspoken yahoos tend to bubble-up to the top and get covered relentlessly by our media; there is a negative and a positive side to this though. On one hand, we’re subjected to their monotonous drivel. But on the other hand, we can spot them for what they are (ill-bred fools) and ostracize them for their ignorance.

The foundation of the liberty movement is liberty for all individuals regardless of race. Those who want to charge us with racism using a broad brush are simply putting their own ignorance high on a pedestal for all to witness.  The average citizen is fed up with these clowns’ display of shameless race baiting. If these fools keep freely throwing around the “you’re a racist” card much longer, their relevance in the national dialogue will sit on the shelf along with the actual racists they seem to feed off.

While we still have to listen to the obnoxious rants and chants of both the racists and race-baiters, it’s high time that we relegate them both to the dustbin of history and stop giving them a platform to spew their color commentary. Oh wait…color commentary…how racist of me?!