Monthly Archives: May 2012

Our Dilemma in Two Paragraphs

Until we right-size the Federal government (i.e. modify primarily its income, then the distribution of that income), we’re chasing ghosts and fighting over ideology that can’t be enacted due to simple mathematics. A fix won’t come from the Federal government; it is incapable of fixing itself for a multitude of reasons.  The only way to fix the mess we’re in is for (the people of the) states to assert their proper authority, cage the federal beast (primarily financially), and let the people of each state determine what is best for the people of each state (i.e. self-determination vs. the top down model we have now that rightly infuriates everyone). Otherwise, “hello, overt-tyranny” and other very bad outcomes in the semi-near future.  Because when things get out of control, history dictates that people tend to almost always break away from liberty and break towards security…which our Federal overlords will be more than happy to oblige.

Fear the beast, because it’s coming for you…