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“Gun Control” And The So-Called Federal Government

What is conveniently “forgotten” is that these high-powered firearms with large ammunition capacity can also protect a person (or people) from many other people who wish to do them harm. All one has to do is envision how a large swaths of property in Koreatown was left relatively unscathed during the LA riots to see clear evidence of the appropriate use of these high-capacity firearms. Visions of post-Katrina lawlessness can stir the most adverse-to-guns person to grasp the absolute necessity of access to powerful firearms when help is not around the corner. As the saying goes, for when seconds count, the police are always minutes away. Even if they were nearby, they are not only a finite force, but they are not employed to keep you or me safe. They are employed to enforce statutes and laws. And hey, that’s a good thing for a society held together by the rule of law!

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