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How Power Is Delegated and Reassumed

Our system of governance is pretty clear when you break down the delegation of power: 1.) Power (inc. sovereignty) starts with the individual. 2.) The individuals extends (read delegates) specific power to the State (inc. sovereignty) when many individuals form a political community. 3.) The State then (as an agent on behalf of the the… Continue Reading

The Mary Jane Mess (Part 2)

We’ve now recognized our long-held addiction to government and have hopefully agreed to take the steps to break that dependency. That, along with a bit of luck, can maybe help us approach the common hyper-emotional arguments that dominate the marijuana debate with clarity. But before we do, I think it’s appropriate to raise the fact… Continue Reading

The Mary Jane Mess (Part 1)

It’s very telling when the people who scream the loudest to get government out of their lives, are the same people who throw up their hands in astonishment when the topic of legalizing marijuana is brought up (medicinal or otherwise). How can a person make the very reasonable argument that we can trust citizens to… Continue Reading

Our System of Federalism Summed Up

The Federal government was created by the States, as an agent of the States (it was not created “by the people”). This is clearly articulated in Article VII of the US Constitution as well as Ratification Conventions/Resolutions of the various States. The Federal government has only been delegated a very limited set of powers by… Continue Reading