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Our System of Federalism Summed Up

The Federal government was created by the States, as an agent of the States (it was not created “by the people”). This is clearly articulated in Article VII of the US Constitution as well as Ratification Conventions/Resolutions of the various States. The Federal government has only been delegated a very limited set of powers by… Continue Reading

“Constitutional Rights” and “Unalienable Rights”

The term “Constitutional Rights” is essentially a misnomer and/or shorthand. This is similar to the term “States Rights.” States do not have rights – the term is just shorthand to refer to the powers that are retained by the state governments (i.e. powers that were never delegated to the Federal government). Similarly, the term “Constitutional… Continue Reading

Who Has The Authority?

DCvers and Federal Supremacists avert the root cause of our problems and continue to talk only about the symptom’s we face. They do this because acknowledging the root cause would expose their malfeasance, collusion, and increasing usurpation of power. The root of our entire mess boils down to authority. “Who has what authority to do… Continue Reading

When Is A Law Supreme?

The US Constitution does NOT “grant” us rights. We have unalienable rights granted to us by our creator and/or observed in natural law. The US Constitution documents the authority of the Federal government, period. As it is articulated in its Preamble, the Federal Bill of Rights places further limitations on the Federal government. These “further… Continue Reading

“Gun Control” And The So-Called Federal Government

America’s ablaze with talk of controlling firearms, “assault” rifles, and even ammunition. We can’t turn on the TV or radio without being inundated with news about politicians or commentators weighing in on the gun debate. The usual rhetoric is floated that they don’t want to take away our guns, but we need to rid this “civil society” of these horrible machines of destruction that can kill many people very quickly.

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