Who Has The Authority?

DCvers and Federal Supremacists avert the root cause of our problems and continue to talk only about the symptom’s we face. They do this because acknowledging the root cause would expose their malfeasance, collusion, and increasing usurpation of power.

The root of our entire mess boils down to authority. “Who has what authority to do what?” is the question we should be asking every elected official at every turn.

The majority of the answer to that question can be found in the US Constitution as ratified and amended (the balance can mostly be found in our State Constitutions). The US Constitution delineates the limited powers delegated to the Federal government as well as acknowledges those powers left to the State governments and to the people.

When #DCvers and Federal Supremacists tell us that the Federal government is supreme, it’s our responsibility to counter with the purpose that said supremacy is only found in Federal laws made “in pursuance” to the US Constitution.

Until federalism is restored (see Federalist 45, 9th paragraph: “The powers delegated by the…”), we will continue striking at the branches, but will still be faced with a power struggle in which the vast majority of us will be ruled by those who (temporarily) have the power.

Decentralization of power is…The Answer.

Federalism is…The Cure.

In liberty,


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